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You can choose between permanent features (never deleted) or temporary features (will be online during the amount of time you order).

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  • Permanent features are never deleted from our account. 
  • Temporary features stay posted online the limited time ordered.
  • If you have chosen one feature: one of your best pictures will be posted in our gallery no later than 48hrs from the order.
  • If you have chosen a pack of 3 or 5: we will post one of your best pictures or videos every week until the pack is completed.

Who chooses the pictures?

We normally choose the picture/s to be featured. But if you want us to post a specific picture you can send it by email: contact@wonderlustcollective.co once your payment is done and we will post the specific picture you want.

Your picture will be posted with a caption that will bring you the most possible traffic. It would look like: 
Location, Country. Follow @yourusername for more great photos. 
Tag who you'd go here with. Photo by: @yourusername #wondermore”

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