How to Save a Lot of Money on Outdoor Gear

Do you like to camp, travel, and save money? I’m sure most of us do. In this post we’ll show you our secret weapon for buying used gear that will save you a ton of cash!


Our secret site to buying used outdoor and travel gear is…
By far GearTrade has saved us hundreds of dollars by shopping deals from 50-90%! 


First thing you need to do is sign up ! Creating an account on GearTrade is fast and free!


GearTrade makes it easy to find and purchase gear for your next adventure. They have several categories to choose from such as hiking, climbing, ski, snowboarding, mountain biking, surfing, and more!

You can also search their “SHOP DEALS” section for items under $5, $10, $20. Additionally, they have listings for all deals under 50-90% off! Those are some epic savings!
Give it a try, search for gear on GearTrade down below!


You should always read the entire listing. Check the condition of the item and make sure that all key components are included. Furthermore, you can ask a question to the seller about anything you might need to know before making your purchase.

As an additional check, we search Google to see if the item is at its lowest possible price.

You should also read check the ratings and reviews of seller. You want to purchase from someone that is not going to rip you off.


There are two ways to buy from GearTrade. The first way is you BUY the price that is listed. If the price looks good to you then BUY it! 

The second way to purchase an item is by making an offer. We feel you should ask for a price you feel most comfortable purchasing. 


Check to see if the condition of your item was indeed the same as it read on listing. If everything is good then leave a rating and review for the seller. This helps the community at GearTrade since others will be able to see your input. 


We hope this post will help you save money on your next outdoor gear purchase.

We’d love to know which site you use to purchase used gear? Leave a comment down below. 

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