5 Must-Have Tools For Mobile Filmmaking

They say “the best camera is the one you have with you.” And for most of us, it’s our phones. Today’s smartphones have cameras that record high-quality video allowing just about anyone to create a great looking film. So why not take advantage of using your smartphone to film your next adventure? 

We’ll be going over our 5 must-have tools for mobile filmmaking. Even if you are already using your phone to shoot, using these 5 tools will skyrocket your videos to the next level.


We recommend that you download a camera app to take advantage of your phone’s camera settings. 

Diving deeper into settings allows you to take full manual control of your camera. You can set the picture profiles, frame rates, iso, shutter speed, white balance, resolution + many other features. 

Our first camera app suggestion is Filmic Pro. We like Filmic Pro because of all of the features that are unlocked on your camera phone, allowing you to film as a professional video camera. 

A free camera phone app we enjoy is Moment – Pro Camera App. We like that it’s user friendly and has similar features as Filmic Pro.


Our second must-have tool is a 3-Axis gimbal for capturing stable and smoother footage. Set yourself apart by using a gimbal, your footage will look way more professional. 

Get creative when using a gimbal! There are three popular modes gimbals use which are follow, pan, and lock mode. Will drop our favorite video below so you can get helpful tips and a full explanation on how to properly use a gimbal.  


Probably the most versatile tool on our list is the phone lens. Smartphone cameras have focal lengths that range from 24-30mm. Having a wider or longer focal length allows you to better tell a story by bringing more context to the film. 

Our two favorite makers for phone lenses are Sandmarc and Moment Lens. They both shoot sharp high-quality video. Check out the comparison video below to see which one you’ll like!


In addition to a gimbal, it’s important to have a tripod for capturing still stable video. Set up your tripod for time-lapses, b-roll, and talking to the camera. 

We recommend Joby GorillaPod 3K Flexible Mini-Tripod for its portability, quick set up, and different leg angles. You’ll also need a tripod phone mount to place your phone on your tripod. Watch the video below to see how why we recommend using a GorillaPod.



Rounding our list of must-have mobile filmmaking tools is using a video editing app to put your clips together.  Adding titles, transitions, sounds, and music will make your videos more appealing and enjoyable to watch.
The linked video below shows the best video editing apps for Andriod but you can also find them in the Apple App store.



You don’t need thousands of dollars of video gear to create great films. If you’re just starting filmmaking or you want travel light these must-have tools will help you produce higher quality videos. 

We’d love to know what other tools you use for mobile filmmaking, drop a comment below!


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